Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.

― Robert F. Kennedy

Charles King CEO of Housing Works in NY along with PWN-USA are raising money to head to DC this coming week in an effort to KILL THE BILL! Today 7/16/2017 Charles King completed the NY Triathlon yelling “KILL THE BILL” because all of the proceeds from his fundraising efforts DONATE HERE are to be used to help stop the deadly health care bill that cuts health care and life to millions. (video sourced from Bruce Richman)

Read more here in this release from Housing Works:

To Stop TrumpCare, we’re going to have to stop the Senate. We’re going to hit all 52 Republican Senators. Can you help us on Wednesday, July 19? If so, please send an email to KillTheBillJ19@gmail.com, with a sentence or two about where you are, what group(s) you’re with, and how you heard about the action coming up.

In the last two weeks, activists from the
birddog nation bookended the July 4 congressional recess with two flash actions that saw people from 25 states occupy 21 offices, hitting many of the most critical members of the House and Senate. 140+ people were arrested, almost all of them for the first time. These amazing patients and healthcare providers helped slow progress on the deadly ACA repeal bill to a crawl.

We are incredibly close to winning big—or losing it all.

The Senate is dangerously close to repealing the ACA next week, replacing it with a cruel bill that cuts off health and life for millions. We must do everything to stop it. There are 52 US Senators in DC who are being courted for votes. On July 19th, we’ve got to give it all we’ve got and
send a message to ALL 52 Senators in DC.

We have to go bigger than we’ve gone before. Help us by coming to Washington, organizing, or raising money.

If you want to can join, recruit, and/or raise funds, email <KilltheBillj19@gmail.com> and get plugged in! You can also donate to the effort at http://bit.ly/HousingWorksKilltheBill and https://populardemocracy.org/donate

These is the pinnacle of action on this bill. Here’s how we’re going to stop it:

• We are going to transport people from across the nation to Washington DC on the day the Senate is slated to start voting: Wednesday, July 19th.
• At 10am on Wednesday, we’ll host a training on non-violent civil disobedience and practice telling our powerful stories to politicians and the press. Location TBD, but as close to Capitol Hill as possible.
• At noon, we’ll host a “National Health Care Town Hall” on the deadly Senate bill and discuss why we need universal coverage instead.
• After the town hall, we’re going to stop the Senate from kicking 20+ million people off of health care.

To pull this off, we need to recruit at least 520 people, and 260 of us have to risk arrest. We’ll need to transport brave souls willing to risk arrest from far away places like Alaska, Montana, and South Dakota. We’ll need to rent scores of buses and vans, and put hundreds of people up for the night. We’ll need to cover legal expenses, to make sure that everyone is released as quickly as possible and cover hundreds of citation fines. We’ll also need to raise $100,000.

We need you. We need all of the love and fight you’ve got left in you. We don’t have a chance without you. Please do all you can to help with turnout and fundraising. These are moments in America that we will remember, and we are at the precipice, locked in a fight. With your help, we can put an end to this terrible ordeal.


Together we can make a difference!