This past Wednesday I was part of a civil disobedience action, my first one if we’re going, to be honest.  I came together with more than 400 people in Washington, DC to demand healthcare for all.  Watch this video & you will see at 2:55 an interview with a Primary Care Dr. named Eliot who says many of his patients will die without healthcare. Health Care activists who had been arrested before they board the police van to jail” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>Facebook Live of their arrest here

Some of us waited outside the Capital Building in the middle of the hottest time of day for over an hour just to get inside and make this happen.  And we will do it over and over until we win.  I like to commemorate an experience so I took one of our signs we were protesting with and had a bunch of the people sign it for future reference.

For all of you saying we are asking too much please refer to every other country with universal healthcare where it is working.  Or how about explaining why we can’t use Medicare for all?  Medicare was created originally for military families so it is equipt to handle all ages and all incomes.

I am personally affected by the KILL BILL/Zombie Bill our new President is trying to implement, no matter how many times they revise it I DO NOT accept that!  I am affected by the fact our President has pulled funding from all HIV/AIDS research.  I am appalled by the fact our Vice President wants to use Ryan White funds to open more conversion therapy camps.  For those who do not know, Ryan White funds are funds used to buy medication and pay for HIV related medical expenses and the Vice President wants to stop ASO (aids service organizations) from getting these funds if they service the LBGTQ+ community.  There is not ONE ASO that does not service the LGBTQ+ community so that would kill all people living with H/A (hiv/aids) who use Ryan White funds.  I will NOT sit silently and watch this happen.

I am not here looking for fans I am not here to fight with any of you.  I am here to spread the word so people know that there are a whole group of people fighting for your healthcare needs so please keep praying for them.  This is not 1980 and we will not allow a government to kill its people because they are tired of taking care of them.


Connie Rose

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